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Lisa Smithmeyer talks Tech + Math

posted Sep 20, 2012, 7:40 AM by Betsy Hood   [ updated Oct 26, 2012, 5:30 PM ]
I mostly use my Smart Board and the math tool with the the board to explain concepts.  I still use the old fashion calculator and of course my NEW web site.  I update it daily and this takes up more time then you imagine.  My web site has links to videos of my personal lessons and videos online reteaching concepts explained in class.  I also have developed a Symbaloo (web mix), bubble.us (graphic organizer) and Wall Wisher (virtual billboard) on my site.

What is your favorite tech/tech tool and how have you used it in your classroom?  
Hard to believe I'm saying favorite, but technology does grows on you.  My favorite technology/tool is my web site.  When students are absent they can print out notes, worksheets, and watch videos so when they return their work is done correctly and are not behind or playing catch up.  I love all my gadgets, links, documents, and PDFs I have embedded into my web site.  I use my site to show students how to help themselves when they struggle with concepts outside of class.  

How has technology impacted student learning in your classroom?

Technology has impacted my students positively. (No point intended!)  It gives them another avenue to explain a concept they did not understand the first time. When they are absent the students can stay on top of class work.  The heavy weight has been lifted off their shoulders and when they return they are not overwhelmed.  

What advice would you give other teachers in regard to using technology?

The advice I would give other teachers is don't knock something until you try it.  BELIEVE you can do it!  Be open minded and think about what you can do with technology instead of what you can't do.  Technology is a learning process by doing.  You will have good days and bad.  But remember the good days out number the bad and it will pay of eventually.  For example, when a student comes to you after missing 2 or more days of school with all the notes and work done correctly and a smile on their face.  When homework requests are no longer asked for in your class or when a student informs you they will be missing class and will look on the website for the work.  That is the PAY DAY!!!

We have fantastic resources right here in our backyard...it's YOU!!!

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