How To Videos

Todays Meet is a backchannel that allows you to generate an online classroom discussion. It’s super easy to use Backchannel is a fancy term for a real-time online chat that can go on in the “background”, while you are teaching or leading a discussion during class. Backchannels have been popular at conferences - to allow members of a large audience to ask questions and make comments during a lecture - and then the presenter can address the questions/comments throughout the session by simply glancing at the backchannel chat that is projected up on a screen. Teachers have embraced these backchannels as a wonderful tool to generate discussion, prompt feedback or student reaction, as well as share ideas during class. It’s great for the quiet students who tend to not share thoughts and ideas in class...they can add their valuable two cents via a backchannel! No login or account is needed. You set up a Todays Meet room, which generates a unique web address/url to give to students. Once there, students type their name and clicking Join. No accounts or passwords are needed for teachers or students. Ease of use is one of Todays Meet's best features. When students and teachers want to speak, they type in a short sentence or two and click “Say”. There is a 140-character limit for each response. Student responses are not monitored by you...responses go live as soon as students click “say”. Obviously, you will want to provide students with guidelines of how to use this social tool to avoid any unwanted or inappropriate messages