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SA Project
Maybe this is how Stone, Spielberg or Tarantino got started??  Mr. Wagner called upon students' artistic and creative nature and had his students create PSAs on a topic of their choice.  After drafting a script and finding pictures, music, audio, etc. to use for the PSA, students produced the announcements using WeVideo (a free online video editing tool).  Requirements included that the PSA must have a strong message; must be at least 1 minute in duration' include an audio recording or movie taken with a camera; and, everything must be school appropriate.  The products created were fantastic...take a look at some of the below!

        Child Abuse by Samm Barker            Texting & Driving by Jolynn Nissen  


German 4 Students Engage Virtual Characters in Dialogue

Borat is King Jacob Rahe       
German Project Carly Smith


Einstein's Riddle Sarah Selzer             German Vid Andy Blair

Technology Can LITERALLY Be Confusing
A video produced and directed by Mrs. Griffith and her 5th grade class. Starring Mrs. Griffith's 5th grade class.

5th grade VID.wmv

Mrs. Swartz's 7th grade advanced science class is one of several school districts that participated in the TMACOG Student Watershed Watch Project (SWW).   Students  tested water temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH and other parameters to determine the health of water samples taken from the Portage River.   

   Instead of doing the "usual" slide presentation to share their data at the SWW Summit, students stepped it up a notch and producing presentations using video tools (Xtramnormal), virtual bulletin boards (Symbaloo webmixes) and interactive posters (Glogster).  
These free web 2.0 tools are allowing students to creatively and collaboratively communicate what they learned during the project...demonstrating the science knowledge gained and how they applied data to generate conclusions.  View some of these exciting projects below!
Below is the final media project presented at the showcase held at the University of Toledo Scott Park campus.

Additional media project created for the project are also below.

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Hannah Hodulik's interactive poster (created with Glogster).  This poster is her first draft, which introduces some of the concepts the class is exploring for the SWW project and demonstrates what she has learned about water testing and water health.  When asked what the technology helped her to do for this project, Hannah replied that technology let her "display all the information we needed in a fun and creative way."  She also added that when using the tech "your audience doesn't get bored while learning."  

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Jae-Eun Schermerhorn created a 3D animated movie using Xtranormal.  He chose the characters, adjusted the camera angles and wrote the script to have his  characters discuss various factors (oxygen level, nitrates, total solids, etc.)  that impact the health of a body of water.   James used data from his group's field testing, along with online science resources, to inform the creation of his script. 

Ashley Heskett created a webmix, using Symbaloo (below).  Ashley has gathered a variety of resources that she used to gain a better understanding of the science concepts being explored in the SWW project.  Ashley says that using technology for class and project work helps her "display ideas and things in a new way". 

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Natalie Nieschwitz also used Glogster to create an interactive display of some of the science concepts explored during the project.  This poster explains a few points about how turbidity affects the health of a water system.