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Web Tools & Bloom's

The technology itself is not the game changer; it is the personalization of learning that technology affords.   So i's important to realize that there is a time and place for technology...it's not about using technology ALL the time.  Plan and be purposeful about when, how and why you use the technology tool so that you remain true to effective instructional design and aligned to your learning targets!

Below are some graphics that connect web tools and apps with Bloom's Taxonomy.  Created by Kathy Schrock, these visuals provide a thoughtful view of how tools/apps support specific levels within the taxonomy.   When choosing a web tool, consider what you want students to accomplish.  Is the purpose of the activity to help students memorize concepts?  Or increase students' understanding of a concept?  Or maybe you want them to engage in higher order thinking skills such as evaluating or creating?  

Whatever your intent, it's doing what you always do whether it's high tech or low tech...connect the activity/tool to your learning goals for the students!