Web Tools & Apps

There are thousands of web 2.0 tools out there (with more being developed everyday)...so how do you sort through all of this to find the right one for achieving your learning goals?  Below is a list of "teacher tested" web tools for K-12 along with a brief description, targeted grade level, site link, and link(s) for learning how each tool might be used in the classroom.  Explore and play...that's the way to learn about these very cool tools that can truly enhance student learning and their skills of creativity, collaboration and critical thinking!

Click here to see a list of Web Tools, descriptions and tutorials along with suggested grade levels for each.

Maybe you want to explore web 2.0 tools on your own.  Below are links to some great sites that are continually updating the growing number of web 2.0 tools and apps for education.  Check it out!



http://sdst.libguides.com/content.php?pid=192765&sid=1616356 Web Tools Galore...a Springfield Township HS Virtual Library

http://sdst.libguides.com/content.php?pid=192765&sid=1616356 EduTecher

Below is a webmix, created with Symbaloo, that houses "tiles" that link to some of my favorite Web 2.0 tools...Symbaloo is one of the best!  Many of these tools are described further in the grade specific pages listed above.

What is Symbaloo?  Symbaloo was created with educators in mind.  It lets you gather all of your favorite online tools and sites into a webmix about the topics you teach.  Webmixes can be shared with colleagues and students, made public to be used by educators around the world or embedded into your class site.  Keep all your information for lessons and activities in one place...and students can use Symbaloo too! 

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